Pest control is not only important because bugs are annoying and and a bit creepy but they can damage property, destroy expensive landscaping, and be quite harmful to humans and pets. For example, ants can undermine patio pavers as they tunnel underneath. The agave snout-nose weevil will pierce the core of the agave plant to lay their eggs. The grubs hatch and eat the heart of the agave, destroying the plant. Certain types of insects and spider bites/stings can cause allergic reactions in humans and pets that may become life threatening. Arizona is home to these and many more bothersome pests. Because our winters are so mild these pests don’t die off as they do in colder climates. They may become less active, but they still thrive. Our regularly scheduled, year round service ensures that your world is never overrun by spiders, scorpions, insects and other pests that can harm you or your property.

Regular pest control service with quality products (like ours) and technicians who know the pests and the damage they can cause will provide peace of mind, protect your home investment, and protect your family members.

Don't be afraid to ask our technicians any questions you have about the service we provide or the pests we deal with here is the Phoenix valley. They will be happy to answer your questions. They know what to look for and how to treat what they find.


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General Pest

General Pest Control ServicesWhen it comes to pests, Arizona has some bad ones. Some are down right dangerous. We know how important it is to keep your family safe. That is why AB Pest Control uses the best products on the market that are not harmful to your family, including your pets. Our general pest control treatments are tailored to your individual needs and will typically include a 4 step process. On our initial treatment, our trained technicians will do a full inspection of your house and property to determine where problem areas might be and the most effective treatment/product to use. After the full inspection the tech will take down any nesting areas and spider webs. Next, the appropriate product will be applied to the foundation of your house, a few feet up the side and a few feet out, to establish a protective barrier. Finally, the block wall surrounding your yard will be treated across the bottom as well as up and down the connecting blocks where insects nest and travel.

AB Pest Control offers a variety of affordable service plans and never requires you to sign a contract.

Some of the pests that our general treatments are designed to eliminate are:

  • scorpions
  • spiders
  • crickets
  • ants
  • cockroaches
  • beetles
  • wasps
  • earwigs
  • silverfish



PigeonWhen pigeons decide to nest in a specific location it can be very difficult to convince them to leave. Due to their natural homing instinct, it is common for pigeons to return to locations they have previously nested in. It’s not just noise at 4 in the morning that can be annoying but the extremely acidic pigeon droppings cause damage to your home or business, and can pose a serious health risk to you and your family. Pigeon feces can carry dozens of transmittable diseases like toxoplasmosis and histoplasmosis, which are potentially fatal. That is why prior to setting up any type of deterrent we first thoroughly clean the affected area and remove any nesting/roosting areas and all feces. Then appropriate deterrents are installed to make it harder for them to return to their nests and encourage them to find a home elsewhere.


Rodent RemovalNo one wants to think they have rodents crawling around their house. They are a nuisance and a health concern, carrying bacteria to your food, chewing through wires, destroying furniture, and leaving hazardous feces are just the beginning of the damage they will do.

After a full inspection our technician will determine the most efficient and effective treatment plan that often includes strategic placement of baits, traps, and sticky pads. AB Pest Control uses the latest in safe baiting and trapping in all of our treatments.

Weed Services

Weed Removal ServicesWeeds are a significant problem that seem to never end. Not only do they destroy the aesthetics of your landscapting, but many HOAs will fine you if they are not taken care of in a timely manner. AB Pest Control offers affordable pre-emergent, post emergent, and combined treatments. Pre-emergent weed control uses a product that is applied before you ever see a weed. These products are designed to prevent the weeds seed from germinating. If done properly, pre-emergent weed control will greatly reduce the need for post-emergent control. Post-emergent weed control uses a product designed to kill existing weeds. Call us today to find out the most effective time to start treatment on your yard.

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