Winter Pest Treatment


One common question we hear: “Is it necessary to continue pest control service during the winter months here in Arizona?” The answer in a word, YES. It is a common misconception here in the valley that just because the weather turns cooler, pests can’t or won’t procreate, or invade your lives. Scorpions, spiders and cockroaches are great examples of pests that will group up and look for somewhere warm to wait out the winter. You do not want that place to be your house. When our tech arrives to provide service throughout the year, he will carefully look at the favorite nesting and grouping areas of these pests and provide treatment to kill any that lurk there.

If you are like most people, scorpions are at the top of your list of pests that you do not want to see in your house. While it is true that scorpions hibernate during the winter times don’t let this keep you from staying vigilant. This is the time that these normally solitary insects will get together, sometimes in groups more that 30, and look for a nice warm place to stay. That can be almost anywhere in your house. Because of their unique bodies, scorpions can flatten out to 1/16th of an inch. They will group up behind baseboards, behind dryers, in your shoes, and in piles of clothes. They can go almost ANYWHERE.

Don’t wait until the weather starts to warm up and they start moving around to get back on your pest control schedule. They have been hanging out in groups, inside your house, garage or shed all winter. Inevitably there will be more than when they crept in at the beginning of winter, and it will be twice as hard to get rid of them. If you maintain your pest control service throughout the year, they won’t have the opportunity to group up in your house, or on your property and you won’t have to worry about them. 

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