October 8, 2015


Rodent Control Services in Phoenix, ArizonaA Mouse in the House…

These squeaky little critters can keep you up all night. Scratching walls, scaling furniture, and darting across the kitchen floor are some of their all-time favorite things to do. But don’t be deceived by their cuteness because they will destroy your pantry, eat holes through the walls and wires, and leave all sorts of diseases in their track.

It’s also important to note that they are most active at night – making it hard for you to detect them during daylight hours. But there are some ways to identify if you have a rodent problem:

  • finding urine & droppings
  • noticing scattered food debris
  • discovering random wood & insulation debris
  • smelling strange odors

The Rodent Control Specialists at Your Service

With years of experience, our experts are well-equipped to handle your rodent control issues. Our services are fastreliable, and  economical. We offer both lethal and live procedures for rodent control because we know that not everyone is okay with extermination. We’ll safely extract the rodents from your home without using deadly force.

So if you suspect you have a rodent problem, give us a call or text us at (480)-639-7042, send an email, or use the contact form for any inquiries that you may have.

At AB Pest Control, we take rodent control very seriously. Don’t have another sleepless night in your home.